I can’t adopt all the dogs in the world. I just don’t have the possibility to provide the care that they need. Sometimes for many reasons, some dogs are not adoptable and is best living in the sanctuary where they have good a home with families that cannot afford their care but have the time.
The Nose Stamp has some virtually adopted dog with special needs. Some are temporary until they are strong enough and then lucky enough to find a family welcome them and and some are permanent. Some of the profits from The Nose Stamp goes to them.
I don’t look for them. When I have time to go to Facebook, sometimes I see a post and that’s the one I can afford to help.



Poncho’s owner migrated and left Poncho at the courtyard of the shop where he used to work. The shop owner took pity of him and gave him shelter and some food for 3 years. Poncho developed a chronic ear infection and became unmanageable – growing at anyone trying to touch him. He is a Maremma, not an easy dog to deal with. It is impossible to care for his ear. The shop owner is not willing to keep him any longer and Poncho was supposed to be send to the lager shelter. It will be near impossible to find a foster and a foster for Poncho. I happened to see the post of  Sarah, a rescuer, pleading for a donation and help to find a permanent sanctuary for him. I had experience with white guardian sheep dog but had then just adopted a dog with HD, I can’t possibly adopt Poncho. I was very sad to hear about Poncho’s fate. I wrote to Sara and told her, if she can find someone to take him in, The Nose Stamp will virtually adopt him. And he got lucky. Sara managed to find a sanctuary which is happy to have him. And there he can run with a pack and roam about outdoor the whole day. Just like what a Maremma loves to do.

As long as The Nose Stamp exist and as long as Poncho lives, The Nose Stamp will partially pay for the boarding at the sanctuary.



Beyonce was found severely malnourish in Nov 2021. She was only skins and bones. From her injury, the rescue suspected that she escaped from whoever that had hold her prisoner and starving her. From the Essential Foods sponsorship fo 112 Carlota Galgo, I knew from experience how quickly a Galgo in starvation will recover and gain weigh  with Superior Living. So The Nose Stamp send her Superior Living to help her recover faster.

Update May 2022: Dierenopvang Koningen brought Beyonce to The Netherlands. She was immediately found her forever home. Now that she has a family, The Nose Stamp has stopped with the virtual adoption. I am glad she has now a family to love her and she will never have to know what it is like not to have food anymore. 



Letizia was rescued full of parasites and about to pass out from starvation. She was brought the the vet immediately and was diagnosed with anemia and unfortunately leishmania. Unfortunately her malnutrition condition is so extreme that she can’t start medication for the leishmania yet as her feeble body would not be able to take it. With the experience dealing with parasites and low immune system, The Nose Stamp immediately send the shelter some high quality food and additionally TMC supplements that is known to help with leishmania. Hopefully to keep the parasites under control until she is strong enough to start her treatment.  

Letizia is finding her energy slowly, wagging her tail and wanting to walk. I hope in another 2 months or so, I am able to replace this photo with a healthier Letizia. 



Celia passed away and I was looking for my next dog. I was seriously considering to adopt Flamenca. Flamenca was from a farm and neglected. The people called the shelter because they think that she deserves better in her old age. But when the shelter send me her vet report of her hip and elbow arthritis, and X-ray I knew I couldn’t adopt her. She needs live in a place with other dogs and where she has reasons to get up and walk around herself. This is the best for her joints and I just started studying physiotherapy. It is a life and care that I can’t give to her. But the chance of someone adopting a dog with such joint conditions are so small. It seemed that Flamenca’s forever home is going to the the shelter. So The Nose Stamp send Flamenca high quality food and joint supplements, keeping her as comfortable as we can.

Update May 2022: Flamenca has found a forever home! A kindly couple hear about her and decided she can live the rest of her live in peace and comfort in their farm house! The Nose Stamp has stop with the virtual adoption now that Flamenca has found her forever home.