Insect based pet food and snacks

Hypoallergenic, gluten and grain free, 100% free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics. Sourced from European certified farms. Ideal as elimination diet.

Eat Small is the new generation of pet food made from sustainable insect protein that promotes your friend’s health and intensifies its daily energy.

Insect protein reaches meat nutritional benefits and is hypoallergen. It is perfect for elimination diet. It also meets the 21st century’s ecological goals of sustainability.



Insect protein from Hermetia contain all essential amino acids that carnivores like dogs need. Cats have slightly different physiologic needs and we are preparing for them something very special with another insect protein type.

Although small, many edible insects surpass the nutritional qualities of meat.

Great food! My two dogs Käthe and Friedrich were a bit skeptical when I offered them their first meal, but hesitations were all gone with the second plate. Käthe has food allergies and that’s why we tried Eat Small. We are very enthusiastic. Both dogs digest the food very well.

Regards, Norman

Of course, since we are ourselves vegetarian, we like it very much that new ways to feed pets are being developed.

Jutta and George

Great food, I’m surprised! Great packaging. Molly really enjoyed it.
We are thrilled and have nothing to complain about. The information is extensive and clear, no questions remain. GREAT!

Uwe and Molly

That’s a good, inspiring idea. The dog finds that too! 🙂

Brigitte and Miko

The food is arrived and Pongo loves it! He digests it very well and he likes it so much, that when I call him to eat, he comes much quicker than before. And I have to say that your food smells incredibly good! I’m really impressed!

Theresa and Pongo

I became aware of your products because, as a family, we give a great importance to high animal welfare standards in the production of animal-based foods. We have adapted our daily alimentation to be as compliant as possible to those standards and we share this way of life with the four-legged part of our family. Our dog comes himself from a shelter and we try to avoid causing animal suffering through his. Since Smarty does not digest dry food, we have chosen the cold pressed treats among your products and I can say that Smarty enjoys them a lot… and we have a really good conscience!

Nice Regards Martina and Smarty

I was very surprised that my dog eats insect food and it tasted really good. A new experience, great!

Maden and Frida