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What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy?

Some of the products are offered a 50% or 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Because they strongly believe not only in the quality of the products, but also that it will work for you and your pets! If you are not satisfied after using, just return it for a full refund minus shipping and taxes. Just look out for the stamp to check if there is a satisfaction guarantee on it.




Pawflex (100%restitutie)
Essential Foods (50%restitutie)

How do I return a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee product?

Just drop us an email or call explaining the reason why it didn’t work out for you. Your feedback on your experience is important for us and our suppliers. Then return the used products with the packaging.

We will refund your original purchase (minus shipping, duties and taxes) within 48 hours after we received the item with its packaging with the invoice.

NOTE: Different products may have a different condition applicable. Please do read it carefully before purchasing the item at the Additional Information tab.


What is the No Fuss Return Policy?

We want your pets to be comfortable. And we want you to be worry free.

That’s why we make returns so easy. We only ask that you please follow the Return & Exchange guidelines.

The product has to be returned to use within 14 days. You will be refunded the purchase price of the product excluding the shipping cost to you and also the return of the product.

How to return?

If you purchase an item that is not the right size or fit, we are more than happy for you to return it for a refund as long as the product and its packaging is returned its new and original condition with the invoice.

Just drop us an email info@thenosestamp.com (or through our Contact Us page ) or call us directly, explaining the reason for return along with the order numbers within 2 weeks of receiving the products.

How can I exchange?

Retourneer je product(en). Return your products. You can then place a new order for the correct size / fit item on the website anytime. No fuss, no waiting.
It’s that easy.

Feel free to give us an email or a ring on ….. if you have any questions about sizing or models. We’re here to help to get it right the first time.

When will I be refunded?

We will refund your original purchase within 48 hours we receive the item you return.

If it is returned without an invoice or email cannot be returned or refunded – for the simple reason we wouldn’t be able to know where to refund it.


No Fuss Return Policy

Our No Fuss Return Policy is applicable to all our products. Items returned must be unused – the product and its packaging is returned its new and original condition.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Suppliers offering 50% or 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed allows you to try and use the products for a period of time. If for any reason it does not work, you may choose to return it. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy is for selected products only.

Any unanswered questions?Please do contact us.