FUEL Snack Sausage Happy Relax (Goat)

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FUEL Snack Sausage Happy Relax is made from 90% goat meat, enriched with valerian root, hops, thyme, rosemary and monk’s pepper. The botanics ingredients helps is known to calm the nervous system, help with muscular tension as well as reducing the sex drive and aggression.

Ingredients: 90% goat meat and goat offal, 5% melissa, 1.5% valerian, 1% hops, 1% rosemary, 1% thyme, 0.5% monk´s pepper.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 15.9%, crude fat 8.0%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fibre 1.1%, moisture 72.2%.

124 kcal /100g

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