EMIKO® EM Bio Bokashi, 500g

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EMIKO® Bio Bokashi consists of a high-quality, fermented mixture of cereals and herbs.

During the fermentation process, valuable metabolic products are created with the help of EM® technology: vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. These substances can have a positive influence on the whole organism and also become active directly in the digestive system.

In contrast to many industrially produced feeds and feed supplements for dogs and cats, all the nutrients they contain are in their natural form. They are optimally available to the organism and can help to compensate for deficits. By maintaining the gastrointestinal tract, other metabolic functions can often be regulated and harmonized. Since a large part of the immune system is localized in the intestine, the general condition of older, poorly performing and convalescent animals in particular can improve noticeably.

Likewise, it helps for shiny coat, robust claws and a vital energy. EMIKO® Bio-Bokashi is also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies.


Additional information


Organic wheat bran, water, organic sugar cane molasses, organic lovage, organic yoghurt, fermented organic herbs (anise, fennel, goldenrod, caraway, peppermint, rosemary, yarrow) (DE-ÖKO-003)

Analytical Composition

Water 47.8%, crude protein 8.3%, crude oils and fats 2.1%, crude ash 4.6%, crude fiber 6.2%


Daily dose dog: 1 teaspoon per 5 kg body weight
Daily dose for cats: up to 5 kg body weight 1-2 tsp
Please note that you get used to it slowly and gradually increase the amount over at least 5 days.


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