Novaguard – pet friendly ecollar alternative

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Novaguard makes it possible for your pet’s post surgical recovery in comfort. It is  a pet-friendly alternative to the Elizabethan collar (cone of shame).

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Why pets hates the e-colllar

Lacking of good vision, ability to detect sound location accurately and ability to orient with the ecollar, pets are restless and are unwilling to settle simply because they find it easier to stand and able to turn towards any direction quickly.

Why pets will love Novaguard

Ears are outside the visor to prevent echo

The cone shape funnels and amplifies noise. It makes it harder to determine which direction of the noise, making them insecure of nervous.

Clear plastic to allow its normal field of vision

The ecollar cuts off your pets normal field of vision at the top and side.

Slim form factor

Pets has difficulty to orient with anything that is wider than its shoulders like the ecollar. Novaguard’s slim form factor is not much bigger than the dogs head. Your dog will be able to maneuverer around just like normal.  Run, eat, sleep, play and get in and out of that doggy door too!

Allows pets 85% greater freedom of movement.

Your pets will be able to move around smaller space at home compared to the ecollar. Pets has difficulty to orient with anything that is wider than its shoulders. This is made worst with large dogs as the cone extend further from their shoulders.

Ease for owner

The Novaguard features a Velcro collar for quick fit. Adjustable at the neck, the sides and peel of points for length.

Ergonicomally designed headrest

The cone is dependant on the ears to hold the cone in place. It not comfortable for them. The Novaguard head rest has been ergonomically designed to shape around the curvature of the dog’s head ensuring greater comfort and stability. The entire unit moves with the dog’s head and doesn’t flop about – almost as if it was a cap.

Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm


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