IcePaw HD Gelenkperlen

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IcePaw developed the HD Gelenkperlen to support an animal’s joy of exercising and effectively ensuring this ability. It combines South African ginger in combination with devil’s claw root and our balanced herbal blend for elasticity.

HD Gelenkperlen increase the activity and mobility of sinews, joints and muscles for the working dog during long walks, tests and sports events such as agility, tracking work or dog races. Its contents support the physiological functions of the musculoskeletal system and thus represents the ideal supplement for an agile dog.

IcePaw special patented pelleting process also guarantees high take-up rates in feeding.



Over 30 years of
experience bringing dogs
to its highest potential

In 1988 Micheal made his first team and drove his first international title with six dogs. Today, he is a Guinness Book Record Holder (1999) and World Champion (2011). Michael has competed in more than 350 races around the world and scored top three in more than 300 races.

Michael is a highly experience breeder himself. Eurohounds from The Tetzner Racing Farm are not only racing for his own team but also in top carnicross, bikejoring and skijoring races.

Additional information

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Ginger 50%, glucose, nettle 4%, devil’s claw root 2%, bedstraw 1%, celery seeds 1%, camomile 0.5%, buckwheat 0.5%, ginkgo 0.5%, meadowsweet 0.5%, wheat flour

Analytical Composition

Crude protein 6.0%, crude fat 2.7%, crude fiber 10.2%, crude ash 15.4%

Daily Feeding Recommendation

Long-term feeding: Mix 1 scoop into the dry or wet feed / 15 kg body weight Acute: Mix 3 scoops into the dry or wet feed / 15 kg body weight


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