Microcyn AH Wound & Skin Care Gel 240 mL

18,15 inc BTW

  • A non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing
  • Easier to care for your pet's wound or skin issues because it typically do not sting when applied because contains no alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, bleach or tea tree oils, and is within an appropriate physiological pH range.
  • Contains active ingredient hypochorlous acid that is naturally produced by the cells.
  • the only animal healthcare products formulated with the original and patented Microcyn Technology (backed by 53 patents and 92 pending) to produce a superior hypochlorous acid solution that is highly stable.
  • Around 40 clinical studies.
  • Safe for use on animals of all ages, species and skin types


Suitable for:
Cleaning and debriding wounds, skin ulcers, cuts, burns, post-surgical sites, scratches, cleaning the umbilical and  navel, cracked teats, sores and lacerations.

Do not need dilution or rising. Just spray directly on the skin.