Beef Training Treats

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Delicious hypoallergenic treats made from air-dried turkey for your dog or cat.

These crispy training sweets are made from 98% pure beef, no offal meat or offal. 1.5% apple fiber was added for the structure of the candies.
It contains only one type of protein, which is a completely hypoallergenic and suitable for pets undergoing elimination diet.
It is first air dried and then lightly smoked on beech wood, which give it an attractive aroma.

The raw materials and production are from Europe.
They are not sticky, so it easy to store or use during training.

Ingredients: 98% air-dried beef, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analysis: 53.8% crude protein, 31.7% crude fat, 3.7% crude ash, 4.1% crude fiber, 5.6% moisture

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