P&P Duck with apple, pumpkin and honey


My best’s friend personal favourite. Tender duck breast fillets (68%) with Hokkaido (18%), apple (7.4%) and honey (2%) – boiled down like in grandma’s days. 2% egg shell flour, 1.5% linseed oil, 0.6% seaweed and 0.5% brewer’s yeast to complete this delicious meal for your best friend.

Hokkaido Pumpkin: contains beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, E and zinc
Apple: contains pectins, which have a digestive effect, vitamin C and potassium
Honey: contains minerals, vitamins and ferments

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Analytical components

Crude protein: 17.8%
Raw fat: 10.9%
Crude ash: 1.1%
Crude fiber: 1.0%
Moisture: 67.5%
Calcium: 0.25g / 100g
Phosphorus: 0.21g / 100g

Feeding recommendation

2-3% of the body weight per day depending on age, race, living conditions and hormone status. This value is an average value and can vary from person to person.
For puppies, you can increase the amount of food to 4-5%.


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