IcePaw Pink Pure Ointment


Active and sporting dogs often suffer from cracked paws – just like humans with cracked heels. IcePaw Pink Pure ointment contains natural ingredients such as lanolin, avocado oil and panthenol to protect the paws. This ointment can protect dogs especially during winter months as the salt and de-icer can be toxic to them, causing cracking and drying.

Pink pure Ointment is a paw and care ointment that many of the world’s best mushers swear by. Heals cuts very quickly and can be easily applied even at temperatures well below zero ice, snow, road salt and gravel can be especially hard on the paws of our animals in the cold winter season.

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Over 30 years of
experience bringing dogs
to its highest potential

In 1988 Micheal made his first team and drove his first international title with six dogs. Today, he is a Guinness Book Record Holder (1999) and World Champion (2011). Michael has competed in more than 350 races around the world and scored top three in more than 300 races.

Michael is a highly experience breeder himself. Eurohounds from The Tetzner Racing Farm are not only racing for his own team but also in top carnicross, bikejoring and skijoring races.

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lanolin, avocado oil and panthenol


Apply several times thinly as required. The ointment can also be used as protection for the prevention of bad weather conditions.


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