IcePaw Power Reigel

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IcePaws Power Riegel It is ideal to be feed during activity for instant to replenishment of energy reserves of fatique muscles. This supports stamina and boosts the immune system

It provides high-quality energy and maltodextrin to replenish glycogen. High-grade fats provide the main source of energy for working dogs. Use in combination with pure cod liver oil and spirulina micro-algae. Spirulina has been proven to strengthen the immune system and increase resistance.

During show, during or after short duration low and medium intensity activity such as short or mid-distance runs.

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Over 30 years of
experience bringing dogs
to its highest potential

In 1988 Micheal made his first team and drove his first international title with six dogs. Today, he is a Guinness Book Record Holder (1999) and World Champion (2011). Michael has competed in more than 350 races around the world and scored top three in more than 300 races.

Michael is a highly experience breeder himself. Eurohounds from The Tetzner Racing Farm are not only racing for his own team but also in top carnicross, bikejoring and skijoring races.

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Animal fat (sheep fat, purified) 74.0 %, maltodextrin, liver oil (cod) 3.0 %, spirulina 1.0 %

Daily Feeding Recommendation

Feed 1–2 Power Riegel per 20 kg dog during or after intense activity such as middle or long-distance runs. This supports stamina and boosts the immune system. This feed additive may only be given to dogs.


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