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The Rockster – Birds of Feather

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Scientifically formulated to promote healthy fur & skin
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This unique recipe includes a high percentage of bio-organic chicken and turkey, including a fine balance of muscle meat and vital inner organs. Essential additional nutrients are provided through a carefully formulated mix of bio-organic vegetables and fruit, including zucchini, mango, pumpkin, blueberries and parsley, creating a balanced and delicate superfood with a compelling aroma and taste for discerning dogs.

This recipe has been enhanced with fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate which has a highly beneficial pre-biotic effect to aid digestion and your dog’s ability to absorb the nutrients in this recipe, together with pharma grade salmon oil for crucial Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for the benefit of your dog’s hair and skin.

Feeding for optimal health
is more than just quality ingredients
Here’s an end-to-end perspective

Optimal recipe

The Rockster recipes have been meticulously developed with the help of some of the world’s most renowned experts in canine nutrition to create an altogether new standard of dog food with unique health benefits. Each recipe is a single protein formula, suitable for dogs with allergies.

Highest quality ingredients

100% certified bio-organic complete wet food for dogs from 7 months old; suitable for all breeds and sizes

Animals have been fed solely with bio-organic feed, exposed only to chemical-free land and kept respecting farm animal welfare. Only human grade bio-certified muscle meat (including filet), heart, lung, kidney, gizzard and rumen are used. No other part of the animal is allowed anywhere near Rockster food. These vital inner organs have a higher nutrient content and are important for a dog’s nutritional needs.

Fee from exposure to antibiotics, chemicals, flavourings, artificial additives and fillers.

Ratio of ingredients

Each recipe has at least 80% meat and Rockster account for 100% of the remaining superfood ingredients in every can. No water or fluid added for weight.

Contains bio-certified “superfoods” such as fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, seabuckthorn, spirulina, quinoa, pharma-grade salmon oil, sweet potatoes, green-lipped mussel and superfruits in sufficient quantities to make a difference – not just tiny amounts as a marketing gimmick.

Stringent quality control

The food carry the “Bio Kreis” and the EU bio certification. Unlike merely “organic”, ‘Bio’ refers to a zero-tolerance controlled system, not just the ingredients, which ensures no non-bio raw material can contaminate the food, animals have been raised humanely, grass fed or given bio-organic food, no pesticides have been used and no chemicals are even present in the soil from which the fruits and vegetables have been harvested.

Finest cooking method

The Rockster food is gently poached, mirroring the sous-vide cooking method of Michelin starred chefs to ensure the preservation of nutrients and flavour whilst eliminating bacteria prevalent in raw meat.

Rockster food is designed to enhance their combined nutritional value, your dog’s ability to absorb the nutrients and importantly enhance the potency of the additional health benefits of the natural superfood ingredients.

Your dog’s intestinal ecosystem

All Rockster recipes are prebiotic due to the 0.5% inclusion of fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, which is a powerful superfood packed with inulin, enhancing the levels of positive intestinal bacteria as well as providing other multiple health benefits.

‘Gut Flora’ promotes a healthy digestion (means better absorption of nutrients), primes the immune system, and protects against bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.

Rockster food is the absolute best complete food pet owners can feed their dog. Carefully formulated with the highest quality bio-meat and a variety of real superfood ingredients, it genuinely enhances a dog’s health, digestion and the metabolic processes of all varieties of dogs.

It is the first real superfood for dogs.

Hans-Jochen Buengener – One of Europe’s leading canine nutritionists.

After 17 years looking after my little friends, I’ve finally found a food that they both like equally well. No coaxing, they practically bite my hand off to get at it…

Bruce Oldfield, OBE, father of Baz and Boo
(11yr and 20 months Border Terriers)

Rockster was a success for all dogs, particularly for a female still feeding puppies and particularly difficult in her choice of food. The quality is very high and seems substantially above what is available on the market today, whether dry or wet food.

Jean-Paul Kumchalsky, prominent French breeder and trainer of hunting dogs

Rolo had completely lost interest in his food, unusual for a Labrador, and had recurring upset stomachs. I tried several of the best dog foods on the market with no success until we found the Rockster food. He immediately went crazy for it and now dances in excitement at feed times. The upset stomachs are no longer and he is the picture of health. Thank you Rockster!

Fanélie Phillips, London, mother of Rolo (5 yr old Labrador)

Murphy has had some allergy issues and gets itchy skin, so is on a strict diet. He can eat the Rockster food without a problem. Chester was a slow eater. No Longer!! They both love a Rockster dinner.

Charlene Heineken de Carvalho, Hampshire, mother of Murphy and Chester

Laszlo often had an upset stomach with his previous dry food. He loves Rockster food and is now never sick. With Rockster he became a youngster again!

Dr Jean-Noel Prade, St.Moritz/Sarasota, father of Laszlo (11yr old Hungarian Vizsla)

What have you done to my dog? I have never seen him love eating so much…wow! When can I get some more…he refused all other food for 12 hours until hunger took hold?!

Nina Glattfelder, London, mother of BoJo (4yr old Beagle)

Georgina is a changed dog!!

Jo Crystal, London, mother of Georgina (4yr old Yorkshire Terrier)

Roxy gobbled up the dog food. I’m amazed. I usually have to cook her roast chicken…she’s turned up her nose at every other brand we have tried! She would rather go hungry!! Please could we have some more?

Emily Cook, London, mother of Roxy (9yr old Terrier)

My dog is addicted to the stunning Rockster food and loves it mixed with her dry food! She has so much more positive energy now…

Anni Roder, Zurich, mother of Sari (5yr old Hungarian Vizsla)

Best dog food ever. Chili wants a double portion and Sheila starts behaving like a puppy again with her 14 years.

Dr. Stefan Gass, Munich, father of Sheila and Cili (3yr & 14yr old Jack Russell Terriers)

Extra informatie


80.5% Bio-organic chicken and turkey (85% muscle meat, 5% heart, 5% gizzard, 5% liver), 4% Bio-Zucchini, 4% Bio-Mango, 4% Bio-Pumpkin, 4% Bio-Blueberries, 2% Bio-Parsley, 1% Salmon oil (pharma grade), 0.5% Bio-Fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate.
Bio-content: 100%

Nutritional Additives/kg:
Vit. A 2,200IU, Vit. D3 200IU, Vit. E 12mg, Vit. B2 6mg, Vit. B1 2.5mg, Vit. B6 1.5mg, Vit. B9 0.3mg, Vit. B12 40µg, Biotin 36µg

Trace Elements/kg:
Zinc (as Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 10mg, Manganese (as Manganese-II-oxide) 0.9mg, Iodine (as Calcium iodate) 0.38mg, Selenium from S. cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (selenium yeast) (3b8.12) 0.09mg


Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 10.6%, Crude oils and fats 7.6%, Crude fibre 1.6%, Crude ash 1.7%, Moisture 72%

Natural Nutritional Additives
Vitamin A 4.000 IU, Vitamin D3 400 IU, Vitamin E 50 mg

Naturally Derived Trace Elements per kg
Zinc (as Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 0.8 mg, Manganese (as Manganese-II-sulphate monohydrate) 0.3mg, Iodine (as Potassium iodite) 0.1 mg

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  1. Nathalie Crouch

    My dog Harry absolutely loves the food. He is an extremely fussy eater and I was amazed at his very positive reaction – within minutes he’d devoured everything and wanted more. We have tried every premium dog food going and he refuses to eat any of it – wet or dry. He eats our food, mostly chicken breast, pork and beef, but he skilfully leaves any vegetables I try to mix in. I have been worried that he hasn’t been getting enough vitamins as a result. So the Rockster Superfood is a God send for us – thank you so much

  2. Helen, mother of Mindy and Mork

    I am a great fan of The Rockster foods. Mindy who had a dullish coat it is now very plush and silky. We rehomed them when they were both 2 and I am very anxious to make sure they have the best and keep fit. Our vet said they were both in very good condition, Mork has also had two big spinal ops in the last 18 months, only the best is good enough for Mindy and Mork, the added bonus with The Rockster foods is that the dogs love them. Thank you Rockster.

  3. Brenda, Mother of Rosie, Bella, and Tippi

    Firstly, we (the girls and I) are very happy with our lovely Rockster food. I am giving them about 75% Rockster now. They all love it of course but, more importantly, Rosie (pancreatitis) is doing really well on her Birds of a Feather. Bella (sensitive stomach) is very happy on her Boeuf du Cap, as is Tippi. I am giving the other two a little of Rosie’s now and then.

    Today we all went on an hour’s drive down winding country roads to our favourite pub for lunch. Bella had none of her usual car sickness, so no washing icky towels when we got home. I am sure she finds Rockster easier to digest than her dried food.

    I am very interested to note that after their meals now they all settle down almost immediately for an hour/hour and a half sleep. Curled up small and unmoving – a new thing. When they wake up and come to life they are full of beans (Rockster!) and are raring to go play. I have had to bring old garden toys out of retirement for them. They haven’t really played with them for several years.

    All best wishes and love and thanks to The Rockster from the girls, without whom their lovely new food would not be ‘a thing’.

  4. Ellie

    Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my Staffie Miss Tess, then I started her on Rockster and she has sprung back! I cannot begin to tell you the difference. She literally licks the bowl clean!! With every meal now.

    Tess is a rescue. We got her two years ago from Battersea Dogs Home. My first ever dog. She has changed my life! She was 10 when we got her and had two big operations when she arrived at Battersea. A really bad ear infection, they had to give her a new ear hole. She also has some cists removed from her stomach. She has very bad kidney failure.

    A couple of weeks back she developed a very bad urine infection. The vet had to give her very strong antibiotics to fight the infection. She took them for two weeks (it was meant to be for four weeks) but they made her sick every day…. after two weeks on them I took her off them as she was so weak from being so sick. Her legs couldn’t really hold her up. Anyway, we did a urine test and she had fought the infection! Waggin Tails in Chelsea told me about your food. For the past two weeks she has been on a tin of Heaven and Earth a day. Half for breakfast and half for dinner. I cannot begin to tell you the difference. She literally licks the bowl clean!!!! With every meal now.

    I went and got a load more. I tried a selection of the Boeuf du Cap and the Birds of a Feather. We fed her Boeuf last night and this morning. Worried that the boeuf might be as bit heavier on her stomach but she ate it all!

    Thank you for developing the most incredible food! I thought she was on her last legs literally a couple of weeks ago and she is now still with us! I cannot thank you enough. Every day extra with this lady is a bonus!

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