Gingerlead – dog hind leg harness

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Specially designed hind leg harness to helps dogs with weak hind legs walk or post operation support – with better leash control.



Sizing for GingerLead is very easy.
You have to determine the width and the length of The GingerLead that fits your dog.
The difference between a S and L size is the width of the pad for the difference between the medium and large breed belly.

L and Tall have the actualy same width. The difference between and L and Tall Gingerlead is the length of the handle.
Tall is for people where the distance between your hand (in a relax position) is near your dog’s back. For example, if you have a German Shephard and you are 160cm, Tall is suitable because your hand is very hear his back. If you are 180cm, the Large is better because the handle is longer.


W : Width of pad ; L: Length of handle
Mini = W : 4cm | L : 71 – 175cm

S Male        = W : 9cm | L : 94 – 152cm
L Male        = W : 14cm | L : 94 – 152cm
Tall Male    = W : 13cm | L : 66 – 94cm

S Female     = W : 10cm | L : 94 – 152cm
L Female     = W : 19cm | L : 94 – 152cm
Tall Female = W : 19cm | L : 66 – 94cm


Fold a bath towel into 20cm wide (L Female / Tall Female). Sling it under your dog’s belly.
If it is too wide, fold it into 10cm (S Female).
If this is too small, then your female dog is between sizes. The L male (14cm) is then better for your dog.

To measure what is best for your male dog, fold a bath towel into 14cm (L Male / Tall Male). Sling it under your dog’s belly behind his penis.
If it is too wide, fold it to 9cm (S Male).
If this is still too wide, Mini is the right size.

Length of handle

To measure for accuracy, take a rope and put it around your dog’s belly and back to your hand (just as if you are using the gingerlead). If the rope measure less than 94 cm, you need a Tall.

Special note for breed:
Dachshund normally needs a Mini.


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