Pawflex Medimitts Paw Bandages

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PawFlex Meditts paw bandage is excellent for any wound near or on the paws.

PawFlex Meditts can also be used for dogs with ear or skin infections as it can potentially reduces the damage caused by nails when scratching. You can reduce risk of the bacterial infection as you can change the bandage regularly and when walking utilises the Pawflex Medimitts Cover to keep the covered paws clean and waterproof.

For dogs with dragging paws from neurological disorder:

It offers protection from superficial wound caused by dragging of the paws from neurological conditions. These dogs have to learn to use its paws again (or rather its muscles needs to regain its muscle memory) and its legs/paws coordination during walk. It is more ideal than a boots as it is thin

  • because dog can feels its paws as it is recovering its feelings
  • because it is fully flexible, it gives your dog more possibility to learn the lifting and putting down its feet motion and coordination during walks.

There are 4 PawFlex Medimitt bandage per bag.






Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~ Confucius

PawFlex award winning design makes bandaging wound easier, faster and stress-free.


If the pet tries to lick, but the wound remains dry
What would YOU DO if you have cellaphane on your hair? Without adhesive tugging on the fur, dog are less likely to try to get them off.

Easy On

Wound pad is attached and sized to fit within framework of bandage so that it will stay in place with no sliding.

Easy Off

Readjust the bandage in 2 seconds with Velcro like straps! Multiple times!


Bandage will not slip or open at difficult areas like thigh and joint areas.

Super stretchable, soft and breathable

Super easy to apply on joint areas around the paws. No worries about ischemic lesions from too tight bandaging. If patient are comfortable, they will not try to tear it off.

Pawflex is afforable and economical.

Pawflex award winning pet bandages
Pawflex award winning pet bandages
Pawflex award winning pet bandages
Pawflex award winning pet bandages

Extra informatie


Measure width of paw while pet is standing for most accurate sizing. When in doubt, size up.


2XS: <3.8cm
XS: 3.8 – 4.5cm
S: 4.5- 5.7cm
M: 5.7 – 7.0cm
L: 7.0 – 8.2cm
XL: 8.2 – 9.5cm


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