P&P Goat tripe

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Simply delicious 100% rumen from goats from small Bavarian herds from species-appropriate husbandry and feeding of livestock. In species-appropriate husbandry and feeding, goats eat what they naturally eats in nature, grazes and is not given any processed food, grains, corns that is unnatural for them.

Due to the high quality of managing the raw materials and the air drying process, P&P goat tripe is really low odor relative to the poorer quality mass produced tripe from animals with unnatural diets.

  • Not pre-treated before being airdried, but processed fresh from the slaughter.
  • No colorings, artificial flavorings,glycerine or preservatives.

Extra informatie

Gewicht N/B
Analytical components

Ruw eiwit: 66,3%
Ruwe as: 19,5%
Ruw vet: 17,2%
Moisture: 3,4%


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