P&P Game with amaranth, pear and red currant

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Made from 73.6% Bavarian deer muscle meat, 16% amaranth, 2.9% pear, 2.9% red currant, 2% wild bone meal, 1.5% linseed oil, 0.6% seaweed, 0.5% brewer’s yeast

All ingredients are handled and cooked with love, you can see and taste it!

Amaranth: is a gluten-free pseudo-grain with a high proportion of magnesium, iron and the amino acid lysine, which is used to produce L-carnitine, which plays a key role in the energy metabolism
Pear: provides potassium and vitamin C and protects against acidity
red currants: are real vitamin bombs, especially rich in B vitamins.

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Analytical components
Crude protein: 16.7%
Raw fat: 3.3%
Crude ash: 1.2%
Crude fiber: 1.5%
Moisture: 68.5%
Calcium: 0.24g / 100g
Phosphorus: 0.20g / 100g
Energy: 586 kJ / 100g

Feeding recommendation
2-3% of the body weight per day depending on age, race, living conditions and hormone status. This value is an average value and can vary from dog to dog.
For puppies, you can increase the amount of food to 4-5%.

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