P&P Landgarten (Countryside garden)

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From the Bavarian countryside vegetable garden: carrots (33.3%), turnips (20%), apples (16.5%), zucchini (13.3%), fennel (13.3%), parsley (2.6% ), watercress (1%) – healthy all year round!
The Paul & Paulina Country Garden is also great as a supplement to BARF.
Gluten and grain free of course.

Carrots: protect the intestines and the intestinal mucous membrane, have a digestive effect and contain many vitamins and minerals
Turnips: Suppliers of vitamin C and contain calcium, potassium and magnesium
Apple: the all-rounder of vitamins, contains pectins that regulate digestion
Zucchini: deacidifies the body and contains a lot of vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, folic acid and only a few calories
Fennel: for a healthy intestinal flora, contains inulin, which increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium
Parsley: contains a lot of vitamin C and has a diuretic effect to support the kidneys
Watercress: contains iron, calcium and zinc, it is said to have antibiotic effects

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Analytical components
Crude protein 0.9%
Raw fat 0.2%
Crude ash 1.1%
Crude fiber 0.8%
Moisture 91.3%

Feeding recommendation
2-3% of the body weight per day depending on age, race, living conditions and hormone status. This value is an average value and can vary from dog to dog.
For puppies, you can increase the amount of food to 4-5%.


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